Transneft North, JSC, is a backbone subsidiary of Transneft, JSC, a state-owned company; Transneft North, JSC, operates in the European north-western area of Russia and is of strategic importance for the entire Timan-Pechora oil and gas province.
• Transneft North, JSC, operates the Usa – Ukhta and Ukhta – Yaroslavl oil trunk pipelines. The company started operating in the first half of the 1970s, during the vigorous development of the Timan-Pechora oil and gas-bearing province. On May 12, 1975 the Ukhta RPD (Regional Oil Pipeline Department) was restructured into the Department of Northern Oil Trunk Pipelines. This date is deemed as the date of birth of the company. On October 9, 2014 Severnye Magistralnye Nefteprovody, JSC, was renamed as Transneft North, JSC.
• Transneft North, JSC, operates more than 1,560 kilometers of oil trunk pipelines running through the Komi Republic, Arkhangelsk, Vologda and Yaroslavl Regions.
• The company has more than 2,800 employees.
Core operations of Transneft North, JSC
• Operating the trunk pipelines.
• Transportation of oil by oil trunk pipelines.
• Preventive maintenance, diagnostic inspection and repair of facilities and structures composing the oil trunk pipeline system.
• Operating the oil trunk pipeline control systems.
• Design and construction of buildings and structures for the facilities of trunk pipeline transportation of oil.
• Implementing measures aimed at environmental protection in the areas of operation of the oil industry-related facilities.
• Oil storage.

System of Transneft North, JSC
• Usa – Ukhta and Ukhta – Yaroslavl oil trunk pipelines.
• Ukhta-1 PEPS – Ukhta PCS oil pipeline transporting oil to the LUKOIL-Ukhtanefteperabotka Refinery.
• 3 regional oil pipeline departments: Usa, Ukhta, and Vologda RPDs responsible for operation of 14 oil pump stations.
• 4 tank farms having the total capacity of 350 thousand cubic meters.
• 14 double-line and 12 single-line oil trunk pipeline crossings across water courses.

Transneft North, JSC, is implementing the Integrated Program of Technical Upgrading, Revamping and Overhaul of the Facilities. The Company is carrying out the Long-Range Program of Replacement of Oil Trunk Pipeline Linear Sections, which includes replacement of the pipes in the Ukhta – Yaroslavl trunk pipeline sections that were built in the 1970s; the replacement is scheduled for completion by 2017.
From 2014 to 2020 the company is planning to replace about 325 kilometers of pipes.
In the next few years, the company is planning to increase the throughput capacity of the following trunk pipelines:
- in the Ukhta – Yaroslavl section (construction of an oil heating station, replacement of electric motors and rotors);
- in the Usa – Ukhta section (construction of an oil pump station and replacement of rotors).
Another program that is currently in progress is the Program of Revamping and Construction of New Tanks. In 2014, the company built a new 10,000 cubic meter vertical stainless steel tank – VST No. 2 – at the Ukhta-1 PEPS (pipe-end pump station).

The company is implementing the Underwater Crossing Compliance Program addressing the compliance of the crossings with the applicable requirements. Revamping operations have been completed to improve power supply of oil trunk pipeline underwater crossings on the following rivers: Usa, Vym, Viled, Northern Dvina, Sukhona, and Volga.
In 2017, the company will replace all the relay automation systems at its oil pump stations with microprocessor systems and will replace 25 electric motors of main pump units with energy efficient motors.
In 2003, the Komi Republic and Transneft, JSC, entered into the Cooperation Agreement that outlined the priority areas in the joint activities – development of industrial and social infrastructure in the Komi Republic.