Transneft North employees participate in Bicycle Night 2017 in Ukhta

It was for the third time that a large-scale sports event, Bicycle Night 2017, was held in Ukhta on 12 June, timed to Russia’s Independence Day.This year’s night ride became the largest one over the three-year history of the event: almost 2,000 Ukhta residents of different ages took part in the Bicycle Night, including professional athletes representing Ukhta in republican and area competitions and amateurs. More than 50 Transneft North employees were among participants, too. Many people decided to bring their families to the event.


Representatives of the commission of the NWRC of the EMERCOM of Russia highly assessed the actions of Transneft North during the large-scale tabletop drills

The commission of the North-Western Regional Centre of the EMERCOM of Russia highly assessed the actions of subdivisions of Transneft North involved in the large-scale tabletop drills conducted in Ukhta. The training was timed to the inspection of readiness of fire response subdivisions of the Komi Republic to the summer fire season.

Water transport of Transneft North fully ready for summer shipping

Transneft North has completed the preparation of its water transport for summer shipping. Among the Transneft subsidiaries, the fleet of the company is the only one that navigates in four regions of Russia at once and carries out the navigational activity on northern rivers.

Transneft North conducted the “Best in profession” review contest

Transneft North summed up the results of the second stage of the “Best in profession” review contest. During two days 51 representatives of 9 blue-collar jobs from Ukhta, Usinsk and Vologda Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates (ROPD) competed for the title of the best in their spheres.