Faithful to the Great Victory!

Date of publication: 12 May 2015

A striking and memorable event was the Victory Parade, which was attended by representatives of all the structural subdivisions of Transneft North, JSC, who were united in one column with the employees of Transneft Finance, LLC; Transneft Security, LLC; Svyaztransneft, JSC; and others.

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory, a column of employees of Transneft North, JSC was decorated with balloons, ribbons, and an armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle.  Before the beginning of the Parade, everyone could try buckwheat porridge, which was cooked in a real field kitchen by the best cooks of the company. An eye-catching decoration of not only the column of employees of the Company but also the entire parade in the City of Ukhta was the Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle, which showed the power and the beauty of military equipment.

In addition, the anniversary Victory Parade, which was attended by about a thousand employees of all the structural subdivisions of the company from Usinsk to Yaroslavl and by more than 300 persons from them in the City of Ukhta will be captured in a documentary film and will go down in the history of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. Transneft North, JSC gave its donation to the appearance of such a unique newsreel.

In the City of Ukhta, the May 9 Celebration began with a meeting and laying flowers at the Eternal Flame, where the gathered parade participants held a minute of silence in memory of the fallen soldiers and expressed their gratitude to the veterans and home-front workers who made this victory possible. 

The celebration continued with a solemn parade and demonstration of labor collectives at Pervomayskaya Square. At the head of the parade, the «Immortal Regiment», which gathered about two thousand residents of the City of Ukhta with portraits of soldiers under its banner this year, passed alongside the military of the Ukhta garrison, Emergency Ministry employees, fire-fighting team, and the officers of the Main Directorate of the Federal Service for the Execution of Sentences. The personnel of Transneft North, JSC took part in this important campaign for the first time: employees of structural subdivisions of the company from Usinsk to Yaroslavl carried portraits of their relatives who served in the Great Patriotic War and who did not survive until this spring.

 A bright and festive gift for the spectators of the parade was the performance of the team of Transneft North, JSC during the parade at the Pervomayskaya Square. The column of the enterprise brought a huge St. George’s ribbon and released balloons into the sky from the two-color cloth; children presented flowers to the veterans, who were sitting on the podium.

The festive marathon continued with mass celebrations and the artists from Ukhta held their best creative performances on improvised stages throughout the city.

After the evening concert under the title of «Shine in the Centuries, O the Great Victory», the central area of the City of Ukhta was decorated with a dynamic lighting show with historic pictures of the Great Patriotic War and ended with a victory salute.

Press Service of Transneft North, JSC