Transneft North, JSC has performed works for aquatic biological resources reproduction in Yaroslavl Oblast

Date of publication: 06 October 2017 Print

       Transneft North has performed works for artificial breeding of aquatic biological resources of Gorky reservoir in Yaroslavl Oblast.

      The Company`s specialists together with representatives of supervisory agencies and ichthyologists have planted into Gorky reservoir 467 sterlet fries each weighting more than 5 grams. Fries of the red-book fish were farmed under Transneft North`s order.

      Annual activities for reproduction of aquatic biological resources of water reservoirs on the territory of Transneft North`s production activities are an integral part of the Company`s ecological programme and meet the requirements of environmental laws.

     “Natural reproduction of fish is not sufficient, that`s why artificial stocking is very important, – Alexander Bondarev, Head of the Environmental Safety and Rational Nature Management Section of Transneft North, notes, – our Company acts in this direction considering all scientific studies and recommendations, in addition, this work is systematic and foreground for Transneft”.

     Earlier, in August of the present year, the Company`s specialists had planted into Sukhona and Vaga rivers near Cherepanikha village in Vologda Oblast 69 thousand of sterlet fries. And in 2016, thanks to the efforts of Transneft North`s ecologists, reproduction of population of commercially valuable fish had been started: more than 100 thousand whitefish fires had been planted into Onega river near Kargopol town in Arkhangelsk Oblast. Total weight of the planted fish exceeded one and a half ton.

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     Transneft North is a subsidiary of Transneft, operating more than 1.5 thousand kilometers of Usa – Ukhta and Ukhta – Yaroslavl oil trunk pipelines located in the north-western part of the European North of Russia. Oil pipelines cross 26 big rivers including navigable: Pechora, Northern Dvina, Sukhona and Volga.