Transneft North Conducts Firefighting and Tactical Drills at Tank Farm of Ukhta-1 PS

Date of publication: 09 July 2019

As part of its cooperation with the Main Office of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Komi Republic, Transneft North has conducted firefighting and tactical drills to put out a simulated fire in a 20,000 m3 tank in the tank farm of the Ukhta-1 oil pumping station, the Ukhta Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate.

According to the drill scenario, there was a warning of a vapor-air mixture explosion in the VFRT 20,000 No. 10 tank which broke the roof and spread flame across the surface of petroleum products; the automatic fire protection systems on the tank failed. Having received the first signals of the simulated fire, the station personnel performed the necessary technological switching.

The fire guard unit and EMERCOM units from the Ukhta garrison promptly arrived at the site of the simulated fire. Together with the staff of the Ukhta-1 oil pumping station, they ensured timely isolation and elimination of the simulated fire. A total of 49 employees of the fire guard unit and the EMERCOM of Russia, as well as 10 specialty vehicles were engaged in the drill.

“The results of the firefighting and tactical drills for extinguishing a simulated fire at the tank farm of the Ukhta-1 PS have received a positive assessment. In the future, we plan to hold more events of the kind to improve the skills of the personnel,” said Yevgeny Kulikov, Deputy Head of the Fire Fighting Service of the Federal Fire Fighting Service Unit No. 2 in the Komi Republic.

“We have managed to ensure effective interaction between the administration of the facility and the firefighting centre, which was headed by the managing personnel of the Federal Fire Fighting Service Unit No. 2 in the Komi Republic. All actions were performed in accordance with the fire extinguishing plan,” noted Ravil Ibragimov, Head of the Occupational Safety and Operational Control Directorate of Transneft North.