Transfer Grants Personal Scholarships and Certificates to USTU Students and Professors

Date of publication: 03 December 2019

Students and teachers of the Ukhta State Technical University have received Transneft’s personal scholarships and certificates.

15 students and 5 teachers of the Ukhta State Technical University have become holders of personal scholarship certificates for academic excellence and research activities.

Annually, Transneft holds a scholarships contest among students of specialised universities in the regions where the Company operates. The purpose of the scholarship is to stimulate training of future personnel and to support students with best achievements in study and research activities. The scholarships are aimed at motivating students to master the educational programme at a high level, as well as at attracting the most talented, professionally skilled and enterprising graduates to the Company and its subsidiaries.

Transneft North actively cooperates with the USTU in the sphere of training oil pipeline transportation specialists.  600 of the Company’s 2,900 employees graduated from the Ukhta State Technical University. In total, Transneft subsidiaries employ more than 2,000 USTU graduates.

Since 2002, Transneft North has provided significant financial assistance for updating the Ukhta State Technical University’s equipment and facilities. As part of the cooperation agreement with the university, the industrial safety and environmental protection department was repaired and equipped with cutting-edge equipment using the Company’s funds in October 2019. The USTU has a complex of 17 laboratories and classrooms built and outfitted by Transneft, which are effectively used both in the educational process and for scientific research.