Transneft North Performs Scheduled Works at Usa – Ukhta Oil Trunk Pipeline and PS

Date of publication: 26 June 2020

Transneft North has performed scheduled repairs at the Usa – Ukhta oil trunk pipeline (OTP) and the Chikshino oil pumping station of the Usinsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate.

During scheduled 54-hour works at the Usa – Ukhta oil trunk pipeline (the Ukhta-1 PS – Ukhta PCS section), three defects were cut out.

Two gate valves and a back pressure valve at the mainline pump header were replaced at the Chikshino oil pumping station. Repairs were conducted at the Ukhta pipeline commissioning site (PCS) of the Ukhta RPD. The works took 72 hours to finish.

The scope of work was implemented in accordance with the approved plan during a period of decreased oil transportation through the Usa – Ukhta oil trunk pipeline. The goal is to increase reliability of oil pumping stations’ equipment and ensure uninterrupted oil transportation via the system of trunk pipelines. After comprehensive testing, the equipment was commissioned.

The scheduled work was performed in accordance with the overhaul programme, the repair and operational needs programme, as well as the programme for technical upgrading and revamping of Transneft trunk pipeline facilities.

Oil transportation through the Usa – Ukhta OTP is performed under the standard protocol.