Transneft North Completes Planned Works at Oil Trunk Pipelines

Date of publication: 24 July 2020

Transneft North has performed scheduled repairs at the Usa – Ukhta and the Ukhta – Yaroslavl oil trunk pipelines (OTPs). 

During a scheduled shutdown of the Usa – Ukhta oil trunk pipeline, midlife repairs of gate valves at the Usa PS, temporary pipeline clean-up and inspection trips (PIG traps) were connected. Specialists replaced the gate valves of the PIG traps at the 214th km of the oil pipeline. A gate valve of the PIG trap and the check valve were also replaced on 288th km of the oil pipeline.

As part of the scheduled shutdown of the Ukhta – Yaroslavl oil trunk pipeline, two air escape valves were cut out and defects were eliminated within the Ukhta – Privodino section. At the Privodino – Yaroslavl site of the oil pipeline, the newly constructed PIG traps were connected to the Pogorelovo PS. Mainline pump unit No.1 (MPU) was connected to the process and auxiliary pipelines at the Griazovets PS.

The set of scheduled measures was implemented as part of the development, technical upgrading and revamping programme covering Transneft’s trunk pipeline facilities. The goal is to increase reliability of facilities and ensure uninterrupted oil transportation via the system of trunk pipelines.

After completion of the planned works, transportation of oil and petroleum products along the Usa – Ukhta and the Ukhta – Yaroslavl oil trunk pipelines was resumed according to the schedule and is being conducted under the standard protocol.