Transneft North Commissions Microprocessor System of Automation of Technological Process at Synya Oil Pumping Station in Komi Republic

Date of publication: 10 November 2020

Transneft North has commissioned the latest microprocessor system of automation (MPSA) of the technological process at the Synya oil pumping station (PS) of the Usinsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate in the Komi Republic.

The MPSA of the Synya PS is designed to monitor and control main and auxiliary process equipment of the oil pumping station. The new automation replaced the obsolete system that had been in operation since 2002.

The newly created system was built based on the latest solutions in the field of automation, which allowed to increase safety of the process equipment operation by increasing the number of measured technological parameters, software operation monitoring and hardware diagnostics.

As part of this project, 281 devices of the technological process automation and fire extinguishing systems of the PS were replaced and installed, 12 control cabinets were installed, 65 km of cable lines were replaced and the operator’s room of the PS was repaired.

All this allowed to increase industrial and environmental safety of oil transportation via the Usa – Ukhta oil trunk pipeline.

The facility was put into commercial operation in accordance with the timeframe set by Transneft North’s Technical Upgrading and Revamping Programme.